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Life is too short not to be doing what you love! If you're currently struggling with your job but you aren't sure what you'd rather be doing you've come to the right place. Work can be an extension of who you are - an opportunity to find and fulfill your life's purpose. When you love what you do, it doesn't seem like work, after all. If finding work which you love is your goal, we can help YOU!

Before you begin the search for a new career, you need to be certain that you have learned something from your current situation, even if it's just learning what you don't want to do in your future. Learning from your experience is the key to wisdom and when you can learn and grow from your professional path so far, you'll be prepared for future success.

The average person will change jobs seven times over the course of their working years and as you know, there are a lot of career choices out there; that's why career coaching has become so popular. People are looking for careers which will provide them with both personal and professional satisfaction - careers which they feel passionate about. That's exactly what Jina Life's career coaching services can help you to do.

If you need to:

  • Find your purpose in life and your ideal career
  • Achieve a healthy work/life balance
  • Advance in your career
  • Start or grow your own business
  • Reduce your stress and work-related frustrations
  • Develop management and leadership skills
  • Understand how a successful career search works
  • Prepare for interviews so you can approach them with confidence
  • Enhance your professional relationships
  • Plan for a career transition or for retirement

Then, we can help.

The ideal career is out there for everyone; it's just a matter of knowing what you want and where to look. It's possible that you might already be in the perfect career and just need a little help advancing to the next stage of your professional life or to start your own business.

Our career coaching services begin with helping you to gain insight into yourself so that you can identify your strengths and your core skills which can help you to find the right career path for you. Even if you've had career development training, you'll find guidance and insight here which can't be had anywhere else.

The next step is to work with you in eliminating the self-imposed limits which are holding you back from success.

Once the way to success is clear, we guide you in developing a step by step plan to get on the path to the perfect career for you and make your goals a reality. No matter what stage of your career you're in, Jina Life can help you to take the next step forward to personal and professional success. If you want to find your purpose in life and turn your passion into your vocation, then we can help you get to a place where you'll never feel like you're working again because you'll love what you do!

Our coaching services can give you insights which help you to see yourself in a whole new light and give you a view of inner strengths that you never even knew you had as well as learning which areas you need improvement in so that you can get to work making positive changes in your professional and your personal life.

Our approach to career development includes an innovative personality analysis along with solid career coaching and individual coaching methodologies with the addition of spiritual guidance techniques. If you're wondering how to take that next step forward in your career or into a new career which offers you both personal and professional enrichment, Jina Life is here to help you.

We maintain offices in London as well as in Melbourne and Geelong, Australia. If you're not in the area, we can still offer you our coaching services via telephone or Skype no matter where in the world you are.

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quotes upAfter only one hour with Jacqueline, we had come up with a plan on how I could move forward in my career. I followed the advice and within a matter of months I was in a completely new position! I truly believe in the aims and objectives of Jina Life.quotes down
Elizabeth Fagg / Accountant & Business Advisor - Cummings Flavel McCormack. Melbourne, Australia.
quotes upJinalife’s warm friendly and sincere coaching approach has shown me that we all need to respect our skills and achievements.

In Jinalife’s career coaching I have learnt that being gently assertive is an essential skill in our journey of life.

The career coaching I received has assisted me greatly in my own career development where I have taken off in leaps and bounds in the past 12 months -


I was very grateful for the coaching that I received from Jinalife as they always put my needs first.quotes down
Tracey Drew. Brisbane, Australia.
quotes upJacqueline has helped me focus on the key areas in my life and increase momentum in achieving my goals. In our first few sessions we focused on my career and personal relationships.

Jacqueline was able to give me valuable advice and introduced some small changes which had massive impacts on my workload and time management!

I have learnt a lot myself in my sessions with Jina Life, I realise now why I do certain things and this gives me leverage to change the way I react in everyday situations.quotes down
Louise Miles - Consultant Project Services - Interpro. Melbourne, Australia.