Rowing Coaching with Jacqueline Pigdon


Are you a woman in your 40's or 50's and would like to learn how to row the right way from day one while having fun, making friends and achieve rowing goals that you never thought possible?

Rowing is a fantastic sport that challenges your mind, body and spirit!

Rowing is a sport which uses the most muscles in our bodies compared to any other activity. Therefore rowing is a complete body workout! It is also impact free so it protects your joints.

Whether you would just like to row for enjoyment, train to compete or strive to reach your full potential then you have come to the right place.

Jacqueline Pigdon has been rowing for 19 years, including sweep rowing, sculling and coaching.

Jacqueline now enjoys coaching women in sculling both on and off the water.

Jacqueline’s aim is to share her rowing skills with others. To do this at an ever greater level Jacqueline will also be creating an online rowing course to give new or experienced rowers her expert tips!

Jacqueline specialises in combining both psychical and technical skills while also helping her rowers work on their mindset which is a key factor in achieving their rowing goals.

What is the difference between sweep rowing and sculling?

Sweep rowing is where a rower will row with a single oar each. The boat categories in sweep rowing consist of pairs, fours and eights.

Sculling is where a rower will row with two oars. The boat categories in sculling consist of single, double’s and quads.

What is Indoor rowing?

Indoor rowing consists of rowing on an ergometer machine. The most popular ‘ergo’ machines are concept 2. Ergo’s are an important part of a rowers training regime or simply a fantastic workout to keep fit and healthy at all ages.


Rowing even though can be a solo sport when sculling in a single, most rowers will at some point in their rowing careers row with others. Most rowers will commence in a boat shared with other rowers and generally a coxswain.

Rowing in crews promotes teamwork at an extremely high level. If one rower is absent it can prevent the entire crew from rowing. To be a successful crew all individual rowers need to row in harmony and perfect their timing so they row as one. Where every single person is doing the exact same thing at the exact same time.

When this occurs it is truly an amazing experience. Where the crew is at one with each other and the water. 

Rowing is a great way to make friends often life-long friends. After spending early mornings and evenings, day in day out with your crew members on rowing camps, when you have experienced rowing, training and racing in the same boat sometimes for many seasons it can create a very unique bond. 

How can you start?

It’s very important to learn the right rowing technique from day one. This prevents injury as well as gives you the best start to build on the right skills and avoid creating bad habits which can later take a massive effort to unlearn!

Search online for your local rowing club and if you would like to be coached by Jacqueline or book a few rowing coaching lessons with her to help you improve your rowing, sculling or mindset to finally achieve your ultimate rowing goals then call her on 07500 626 935 or email

Please note: always consult with your doctor before engaging in any new physical activity.

Jacqueline’s Rowing Experience

Jacqueline began rowing at The Geelong College at 14 years old and has rowed in pairs, fours, eights, single, double and quad sculling. Jacqueline’s rowing career includes; Head of the Schoolgirls Champion, Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmanian State Titles, Cambridge United Kingdom Indoor Rowing Champion, Dual Australian Rowing Champion and competing in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Australian Selection Trials.

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